Spirit Hotel Rogner Thermal Spa ***** Sárvár

The five-star superior category Spirit Hotel from Sárvár has been dedicated to pleasing its guests providing superior quality services, since its opening in 2008. Besides the numerous national and international awards and certificates we have received, the most important thing to us is our cutomers' satisfaction. Based on the guest reviews received in the past years, the satisfaction index is steadily approaching to 100%. In addition, the number of our returning guests is also very important, currently it exceeds 20,000.

In order to achieve our objectives, after careful selection of possible partners, we have chosen the Vend-Tex Ltd to be our hotel and restaurant textile supplier.

Ever since the hotel opening, the Vend-Tex Ltd has been offering excellent services, the staff is stable, reliable and customer-oriented.

We strongly recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd to all restaurants and hotels who need permanent, high quality services, continuous product replacement and reliability.

The present acknowledgment was issued upon the request of Vend-Tex Ltd in order to support their success in the future.

For further information please contact us.

Sárvár, May 24, 2016.

Kaisinger András – managing director