Natur Med Hotel Carbona

he four-star NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** wellness hotel is situated in the heart of Heviz in a 4.6 acre arboretum park, about 500 meters from the Spa. It offers a unique range of services for those who wish to relax. 261 rooms - which include apartments, non-smoking and specially equipped rooms for allergic or disabled guests and a luxurious Presidential Suite – serve the most varied needs of our guests.

In order to maintain the high standards, it’s essential to have a partner which regularly supplies the hotel with high quality textiles. Therefore, in order to raise the quality of the Naturmed Hotel Carbona **** services, we have chosen the products offered be Vend-tex Ltd years ago, and have been using them with great pleasure ever since.

On the basis of our co-operation we can tell that we are completely satisfied with the Vend-Tex Ltd products and services, because the products are professional and they can offer continuous replacement. They have several decades of experience as a hotel supplier which is a guarantee for us.

We can definitely recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd to those companies who expect their partners to be flexible, offer high-level service and excellent product quality.

Hévíz, May 5, 2016

Pápai Zsuzsa
general manager