Magnolia Day Spa

Five years ago, in 2011, we have created the perfect recreation scene for refreshing the body and soul, when we opened the Magnolia Day Spa located in Zoltán street in the 5th District. We offer three types of sauna, massage and special treatments for our guests who seek a unique experience, a real recharge! Our positive reviews, travelogues, acknowledgments from our regular customers reaffirm that there is a strong demand in Budapest for such an atmosphere as we can find in the Magnolia Day Spa, where we can pamper ourselves in a homely environment, getting excellent services far away from our busy everyday life.

Since the opening we are in close relationship with the Vend-Tex Ltd and also we can count on them as one of the most trusted partners. The standard of Magnolia Day Spa services is also ensured by the exclusive textiles, which please our guests. Throughout our co-operation we have been totally satisfied with the company's work and flexibility. We recommend them to all those hotels who seek high standards, quality and reliability.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, on the details below.

Budapest, June 17, 2016

Lázár Edina – sales manager