Hotel Erzsébet Nagy Szálloda **** Paks

The 4-star rated Hotel Erzsébet Nagy Szálloda from Paks opened its gates in December 2010 after a complete rejuvenation.

Guests of the hotel can enjoy the high-quality services in an elegant classical-style building and a modern hotel complex. In order to keep the high standards, and underline the hotel's elegance, it is important for us to provide constantly high quality.

We use the textiles not only in the rooms, but in other catering units as well. The quality is outstanding, the fabrics remain novel even after a long period of repeated washing.

And these are exactly the values the Vend-tex Ltd represents with their products and services. We are fully satisfied with their values and services.

We recommend them to all restaurants and hotels, who seek especially high quality in which Vend-Tex Ltd can be a long-term partner.

We are happy to provide more information on request.

Paks, July 5, 2016

Ignits Márta – hotel manager