Hilton Budapest City

The Hilton Budapest City has started a business cooperation with Vend-Tex Ltd in 2011.

In the past years, as the hotel's main restaurant and bathroom linen supplier, the Vend-Tex Ltd has supplied several tablecloths and bathroom textiles for us.

Throughout our long-term collaboration it has proved that the Vend-Tex Ltd always provides their maximum in terms of service quality and precise delivery, they always fulfill their assumed liabilities completely and responsibly. Their contact persons handle all emerging and special issues flexibly, are always available, and last but not least are always patient and kind, staying at our disposal on any arising problem.

Considering our positive experience from the past years and their professional attitude, I am sure we can continue our successful cooperation in the future.

Based on the above, I can recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd. to any hotel as a reliable partner providing high quality service.

Budapest, May 20, 2016

Balázsfalvi Dóra
Executive Housekeeper