Geréby Kúria Hotel és Lovasudvar

The Geréby Mansion Hotel and Equestrian has been receiving its guests since 1986. On the course of our 30 years functioning we have become a key tourism company in the Dél-Alföldi (Southern) Region.

The mansion is 100% Hungarian-owned. We, the executives expect consistently high quality, reliability, flexibility and guest oriented attitude from both our employees and our suppliers.

This is what our guests also expect from us and appreciate, so we select our partners carefully based on these values. Beyond the impeccable quality, customer-orientation, product support and competitive pricing are of utmost importance.

During the purchase of restaurant textiles for the past 10 years, the Vend-Tex Ltd proved its competence many times, so we can highly recommend their products and services to everyone.

We wish you success in your work and a lot of customers in the future!

Széles László - owner-manager
Látos Lajos - owner-manager