Danubius Hotel Gellért

The Danubius Hotel Gellert has been buying restaurant textiles, tablecloths, napkins and other necessary articles for event decoration from the Vend-Tex Ltd since 2011.

The fabrics are of excellent quality, products can always be easily replaced, we can use them in our restaurants and terraces for a long period of time, even though they are exposed to serious duty.

The staff is flexible enough to adapt to our constantly changing needs and are able to fulfill them at high standards within the deadline.

The staff is well prepared, they can help us with their professional experience and expertise to choose the most appropriate fabrics.

We have an informal good relationship with the management and the employees, their job can be characterized by reliability and fair partnership.

We can only recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd to all our business partners.

Budapest, May 30, 2016

Bencze Gábor - manager