Betekints Wellness és Konferencia Hotel

I, the undersigned Markus Laszlo, managing director of Betekints Ltd. hereby certify that our hotel, the Betekints Wellness and Conference Hotel and all its divisions, including the restaurant and the nearly 1000 m2 wellness centre are equipped with textiles coming from Vend-Tex Ltd. (address: 9970 Szentgotthárd, Hunyadi J. street 38.) and so they have been in the past two decades.

All our guests and ourselves use these textiles with great satisfaction in the restaurant and hotel, and the robes in the wellness area.

The products are made in high quality, built to withstand the duty and washing.

We had a good relationship with the management and employees of Vend-Tex Ltd from the very beginning, they are extremely flexible and helpful. Their products are always good value for money.

This certificate was issued at the request of the Vend-Text Ltd. in order to support their well-deserved further success.

In case you have any questions related to their work, we are pleased to be at your disposal.

Veszprém, June 14, 2016.

Márkus László – managing director