Woven logo

Some of our products can also be customized by weaving.

These products are:

  • terry items
  • hotel room damask fabrics
  • restaurant damask fabrics

Besides offering an elegant look to the fabrics, the woven logo also has a practical advantage, textiles won’t get lost in the laundry.

Terry products can be imprinted in more ways:

  • sculpted logo on no loop surface
  • carved logo on loopy surface
  • contoured logo

If the logo contains small fine details it can be carried out nice only with embroidery, but it’s not recommended by weaving. The small details won’t show up nice on the terry surface.

In case of damask products fine detailed logos will also look nice through weaving, they can be carried out in high quality.

Our products with woven logo are well-tried in several hotels and restaurants. They can also be used for promotional purposes.

Woven logo

Woven company logo

Advantages of woven logo
  • provides exigent, exclusive appearance to the textiles
  • the logo is the same material.
Disadvantages of woven logo
  • there is always a minimum order quantity for each item and size
  • longer production deadline, usually 5-6 weeks
Process of logo weaving
  • We need to receive the logo in vector format if possible.
  • After that we need to discuss the details, your ideas, our recommendations.
  • We prepare our offer for the required quality and size.
  • If the offer is accepted, then we prepare the production graphic designs that will be sent for approval.
  • We will adjust the design if needed. 
  • After the design is approved we will do a test production, and send a photo of the sample for approval.

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Why choose us?

A significant part of our products is our own design, only available at our company, in the quality, structure and colors shown in our offer. Our company’s philosophy is to offer everything to our partners necessary for furnishing a hotel or restaurant and settling events.

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