Chair skirts

Skirts suit not only women well

We supply high quality chair skirts to the most important actors of the catering and hotel industry. Your guests would like to have a good time on any of your events. For creating the perfect atmosphere you really need a suitable and exclusive decoration. Make your chairs look uniqe with our high quality exclusive chair skirts.

Maybe some of your chairs already look shabby? Cover them with chair skirts and they will look like new! In fact, a carefully chosen chair skirt can be the nicest ornament of your decoration!

Think about it! You don’t have to constantly replace the worn-out chairs, and still your guests will feel good. With this solution many hotels and restaurants can spare their wallet. And so can you!

References: Gundel Restaurant, Marriott Hotel, Mercure Buda, Hotel Sopron, Kastélyhotel Sasvár.

Dress up your chairs and let them amaze your guests!

Chair skirts

Huge assortment, high quality, exclusive fabrics

We have a great variety of chair skirts, from the regular standard items to the special, unique designs. There’s no such dream which we couldn’t fulfill, in terms of chair skirts.

We never make compromise, certainly not about the quality!

We use thin but durable fabrics, tailored to the size of the chair, with a nice flowing, wrinkle-free satin materials, with hundreds of patterns in white and pastel colors. Of course, depending on the order quantity, any color can be chosen.

Order, chair skirt sample

The chair skirts are custom tailored to the client’s chair, so we always ask to bring us your chair to see the shape and take its measurements before we make a sample. We always tailor a sample at first which you can modify or approve. After knowing the final shape and after the fabric is selected, we will calculate the final offer. The design cost of unique ideas will be charged to the customer.

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualitiesand have a precise inquiry. 

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Why choose us?

A significant part of our products is our own design, only available at our company, in the quality, structure and colors shown in our offer. Our company’s philosophy is to offer everything to our partners necessary for furnishing a hotel or restaurant and settling events.

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