Swatch book request

Swatch book request

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Would you like to make sure about the quality of our products?

Our company has been dealing with the production and distribution of hotel and restaurant textiles for more than twenty years. Our products are now used by lots of hotels and restaurants with great satisfaction. The number of our regular customers exceeds three thousands.

If you would like to request a free swatch book, please fill out the form below and try to provide as many details about your inquiry as posible! It is important to know all the details in order to send you the most suitable samples!

The process of ordering a swatch book:
  • send your request for a swatch book
  • you will receive an automatic reply
  • we will contact you within 24 hours by phone or email
  • we will discuss the order details
  • we will prepare a collection of samples which best suits your needs and send it to you by post

  • In case you like our samples, we will prepare a competitive price quote for you for the chosen items. After sending the offer we will try to ease your decision by providing additional information, or even produce samples for you to do the laundry test. Of course we always assure care instructions for our products.

    We would like to welcome you among our valued and well satisfied customers.