Hotel Wellamarin

Hotel Wellamarin has been welcoming its guests since July 1st, 2011. The experience gained during these five years of functioning proved to the hotel's management and staff that guests' satisfaction can only be achieved by providing high quality services. Due to our high-quality hotel services the number of guests keeps increasing and the more satisfied guests we have the more likely they will become regular clients.

At the hotel opening the textile suppliers were selected after a thorough market research. We requested many price quotes and product samples from many vendors specialized on this market segment. We have pondered each supplier's price to value ratio, and finally we decided to choose the Vend-Tex Ltd.

The Vend-Tex Ltd delivered all the necessary terry textiles, bedding and sheets for the 300–room hotel opening according to the terms of our contract. The past five years testified that we made the right decision by choosing a reliable quality. Therefore in 2014 we ordered again from Vend-Tex Ltd all the textiles which needed replacement.

We found a reliable, balanced partner, the Vend-tex Ltd who pays careful attention to its products quality. The administration process can be characterized by speed, precision, caution. We highly recommend them to any company working in the hotel or catering industry.

Our recommendation was written at the request of Vend-Tex Ltd, in order to support them in establishing new partnerships.

For further information we remain at your disposal.

Zamárdi, June 25, 2016

Purman Judit – managing director