Hotel ***+ Panoráma

Our hotel, the Hotel *** + Panoráma from Balatongyörök has had a business relationship with Vend-Tex Ltd for over 10 years. In this period of time they have been supplying to us hotel and restaurant textiles.

In the restaurant we have purchased tablecloths, napkins, table skirts, naprons which we have been using for many years without problems. After renovating the hotel floors, we started using their elegant bed linen. The fabrics are exposed to increased duty, which they resist really well.

The company's staff works in a professional manner, taking into account our expectations, they are flexible and quick in their work.

We recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd to those hotels and restaurants which operate on a high quality level and are exigent about quality.

Should you need any additional information about the Vend-Tex Ltd’s work I remain at your disposal.

Balatongyörök May 30, 2016