Erdőspuszta Club Hotel

The main purpose of the Erdőspuszta Club Hotel**** from Debrecen, since opening its gates in 2011, was to provide high quality services to its guests.

The hotel complex located far from the city’s noise, in the embracement of towering pines, with a familiar, woodland setting welcomes its guests who wish to relax or want to stay active. Outdoor enthusiasts can try riding in lowland, horseback riding, carriage riding, fishing in a half acre lake, or renting a bike and exploring the area's beauty.

Those who seek relaxation, can enjoy the services of our spa and can recharge in special massages after the dull weekdays.

Our Complex hosts several events, wedding receptions weekly, we offer homemade specialties, excellent atmosphere and a picturesque setting to our guests who come here for entertainment.

The Erdőspuszta Club Hotel has a large number of returning guests thanks to its guest-centered attitude.

For guests arriving to the restaurant or hotel we have chosen top quality textiles offered by Vend-Tex Ltd. After a fruitful cooperation we can say that they do high quality, precise work, and they contribute to our everyday success with their expertise and business attitude.

We strongly recommend the Vend-Tex Ltd to all restaurants and hotels who need permanent, high quality services, continuous product replacement and reliability.

The present acknowledgment was issued upon the request of Vend-Tex Ltd in order to support their success in the future.

For further information please contact us.

Debrecen, June 15, 2016

Tarka-Pocsai Nóra