Terry products

Pampering terry comfort in every moment

Our company has introduced densely woven, sheared (low loop) terry products into the market in 2004, exactly twelve years ago. Our innovation is widely used in the hospitality industry nowadays, because with this method we get more durable products that are less prone to pile loop drawing. Our terry articles are made of 100% cotton and are used in more than one hundred hotels.

Our terry offer includes:

  • terry face towels, hand towels
  • terry towels and bath towels
  • terry bathmats
  • terry bathrobes
  • terry slippers
  • terry sauna towels and clothes
  • colored wellness terry articles

We can also deliver terry products with unique design.You can modify the following parameters as you wish: size, weight, pattern, logo, colours, sewing type, model. We can also deliver unique, customized articles. You only have to send us your logo, we will create the production design and send it to you for your approval prior to the beginning of production.

In case you wish to try our terry products, request a sample book for free!

Terry products

Terry materials and their features

Besides the quality there is one more thing we don’t compromise. And that is good value for money which we always assure for our customers. To be able to maintain this throughout the years, we needed all our creativity in the past 10 years. Once we introduced new technologies, other times the market helped us out. The point is that we are still able to serve our partners at a competitive price level and wish to keep it this way in the future as well.

The most common terry items available directly from stock
  • face towel: 30 x 30 cm,
  • hand towel: 30 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm,
  • towel:50 x 100 cm
  • bath towel: 70 cm x 140, 100 x 150 cm,
  • terry bathrobes: S - M - L - XL – XXL-XXXL-XXXXL-XXXXXL.

Colours available from stock: white, light blue, light green, beige, natural, cocoa, etc. Colours can change from time to time, so please contact us before placing an order. We can deliver any color with a given Pantone code, depending on the ordered quantity.

For home and commercial use we recommend reactive dyeing, while for hotels, spas, swimming pools we recommend indanthren (chlorine resistant) dyeing.

Please always ask us about the current color assortment! Do not settle for halfway measures.

Weights of the terry stock items:

  • terry face towels, hand towels, bath towels: 450, 500 gr / m2
  • terry bathmat: 550, 650, 700, 750 gr / m2
  • terry bathrobes: 380, 420 gr / m2

Available designs of terry stock items:

  • simple plain
  • with different borders (Greek, wavy, bevel, striped, zig-zag or rice grain pattern)
  • terry bathrobes (judo, shawl collar, hooded)
  • terry slippers (open toe and closed)

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Take a look around in the pampering, high-quality terry products offered by Vend-Tex!

Terry products with woven (jacquard) logo

Available sizes:

  • terry hand towel: 30 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm
  • terry towel: 50 x 100 cm
  • terry bath towel: 70 cm x 140, 100 x 150 cm

Considering the production particularities, any type of textured, raised pattern can be created.

There are three types of such raised patterns:

  • the base fabric is loop surface in which the pattern or logo is carved
  • the base fabric has no loops on which the logo is sculpted
  • contoured logo without loops

Minimum order quantities are: 1000 pcs/size, bathmat 500 pcs/size.

Terry products with embroidered logo

We have our own embroidering machine, we can make any kind of logo embroidery within short deadlines.

Available sizes:

  • terry face towel: 30 x 30 cm,
  • terry hand towel: 30 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm,
  • terry towel: 50 x 100 cm
  • terry bath towel: 70 cm x 140, 100 x 150 cm,
  • terry bathrobes: S - M - L - XL – XXL-XXXL-XXXXL-XXXXXL

Considering the production particularities, any type of pattern can be created.

Maximum size of pattern is approx.: 15-20 cm 

Minimum order quantity is: 1 piece/size

One can choose from hundreds of embroidery threads, all of which are chlorine resistant and will not fade.

Dri-Release - the revolutionary moisture-wicking system

The Dri-Release® is a unique fabric that creates a cotton-like, cool and dry feeling with no odor. 

The patented moisture transport system of Dri-release® combines the best features of cotton and polyester in order to remove wetness from the skin and release it into the air. The yarn contains only a small amount of cotton but it contains a sufficient amount of OH group in order to suck the sweat from the skin.

In case of cotton products, the moisture clogs up the fibers, which blocks the moisture from escaping. The Dri-Release® fabric has better breathability than cotton fabrics due to the special construction of the yarn.

It has been shown in many studies that Dri-Release® provides a superior wearing comfort compared to cotton or any other leading product, whether dry or wet. During the drying test Dri-Release® dried four times faster than cotton, so it is considered to be better, cheaper and more economical during usage.

Seacell – the natural fiber

High trace element content of seaweed was well known in the Chinese medicine and therapeutics. The seaweed contains a lot of valuable ingredients which have a healthy effect in many aspects in life. The seaweed protects the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect as well. Based on the previous facts, the idea came up to develop a new natural fiber, namely the SeaCell®.

Moreover,the structure of SeaCell® enables active metabolism between the fiber and the skin such as transferring calcium, magnesium and vitamin E onto the skin by the natural skin moisture. Fabrics made of SeaCell® are sophisticated, breathable, with a soft-touch, offering a pleasant, clean feeling.

Nowadays a lot of materials contain SeaCell®

Our company intends to introduce SeaCell® first of all to the bathroom textiles, providing this way a sheer wellness feeling.

The products made of SeaCell fibers have been awarded the EU Ecolabel, OETI and Oeko-Tex certifications. The SeaCell® products have also won numerous innovation awards in Europe.

But the most important thing is that terry products made of SeaCell® provide the user a wellness feeling.

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry. 

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Why choose us?

A significant part of our products is our own design, only available at our company, in the quality, structure and colors shown in our offer. Our company’s philosophy is to offer everything to our partners necessary for furnishing a hotel or restaurant and settling events.

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