Table protectors, cloths

The most common solution to prevent tablecloth slipping, glasses knocking and general protection of tables and conference tables is still the use of plain cloth.

The most common qualities:

I. Quality: cloth (felt) quality

II. Quality: no. 702 

III. Quality: no. 741

The products can be fixed to the table in more ways:

  • with glue
  • with elastic in the corners (like fitted sheets)
  • with pulled string.
Table protectors, cloths
I. Quality: cloth (felt) quality

Composition: 60% wool - 40% viscose

Width: 140 cm (special needs: 150, 160, 170, 180 cm).

Colour: typically raw, but can be any color depending on the quantity (minimum order 100 m).

Thickness: usually 1 mm (always in stock), or 1.5; 2; 10 mm.

Other features: 1 m2 and 1mm thick cloth weighs 0.25 kg + max. 30%.

II. Quality: no. 702

Composition: 100% cotton

Width: 240 cm

Color: raw, it turns white after a few washes.

Weight: approx. 380 g / m2.

Other features: shrinkage after washing is approx. 10%, can be washed at 90 °C (for the first few times only at 60 °C).

III. Quality: no. 741

Composition: Flanell + PVC layer

Width: 205 cm

Colour: White

Other features: can be washed at 90 °C. It adheres to the tabletop in a way so no other fixing (binding, elastic, etc.) will be necessary

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Customized table protectors

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