Fitted sheets

You’ll find the most practical fitted sheets in our assortment

Fitted sheets are not the most spectacular, nor the most common accessories in the hotel industry, but still the complete range of hotel services is unthinkable without them.

What about our sheets?

We offer a very wide range of fitted and flat sheets. One can choose from several fabric types and qualities. Our sheets are perfectly suitable for hotel usage therefore they offer a definitive solution to the sheeting "problem".

Our offer includes: canvas, percale, satin and knitted terry, jersey-quality sheets, each of them can be flat or fitted design. The white sheets mostly used by hotels can be purchsed directly from stock, even in big quantities, whereas colour products or unique ideas can be fulfilled depending on the quantities.

We do not wish to praise the quality of our work. We let our customers, hundreds of Hungarian hotels, apartmans speak about their experience instead, as they have been using the textiles offered by Vendtex for years, with great pleasure.

Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets made of high quality fabric

Our customers can specify the size and design of the sheets, we will produce them accordingly. The widest fabric we have is 305 cm so we can also deliver big size sheets.

Cotton-PES fitted sheet

Due to its favorable properties and great endurance we mainly recommend and deliver to our hotel customers products made of cotton-polyester blend.

These sheets have a beautiful luster which they keep even after washing, they endure frequent washing and have a long lifetime guarantee. They crease less and are easy to iron, they have stable shape and dimensions which all make their usage easier. The coloured products have the best color fastness due to the synthetic fiber content.

In addition to cotton–polyester blend, we also deliver sheets made of 100% cotton and cotton–flax blend, though their handling and durability characteristics differ from the previous ones.

SATIN flat and fitted sheets

Fine, very densely woven fabric with a silky touch, usually without pattern, but can also be manufactured with stripes or other pattern.

Composition and weight variations:

  • 50% polyester - 50% cotton, 115-125 g / m2
  • 40% polyester - 60% cotton, 170 gr / m2
  • 30% polyester - 70% cotton, 140 gr / m2
  • 100% cotton, 120 to 135 gr / m2
PERCALE fitted sheets for hotels
Fine, high quality, very densely woven fabric, manufactured exclusively of combed yarn without pattern.

Composition and weight variations:

  • 50% polyester - 50% cotton, 115-125 g / m2
  • 30% polyester - 70% cotton, 115-125 g / m2
  • 100% cotton 115-125 gr / m2
LINEN fitted sheets

Linen sheets with various thickness in various compositions and qualities.

Composition and weight variations:

  • 50% polyester - 50% cotton, 120-130 - 140-180 gr / m2
  • 30% polyester - 70% cotton, 120-130 g / m2
  • 20% polyester - 80% cotton, 120-130 g / m2
  • 100% cotton, 140 gr / m2 - 180 g / m2
  • 40% linen - 60% cotton

TERRY, KNITTED (JERSEY) fitted sheets

Composition and weight variations:

  • 50% polyester - 50% cotton
  • 20% polyester - 80% cotton

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Why choose us?

A significant part of our products is our own design, only available at our company, in the quality, structure and colors shown in our offer. Our company’s philosophy is to offer everything to our partners necessary for furnishing a hotel or restaurant and settling events.

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