Choose from our hygienic and washable duvets

Are you sick of your duvets wearing out so quickly, getting stained and agglomerated? Are you unsatisfied with their quality, durability? Or maybe you are about to open a new hotel and are just looking for the best solution? The high-quality, long-lasting duvets seemed unattainable? Not anymore! Our duvets will please not only you, but also your guests!

A bad decision may cost you a lot in terms of duvets! How about a comfortable duvet, which is made of a material, specially designed for heavy duty and also withstands frequent washing? Save significant amounts in the long run by taking a smart decision now! You will surely find the duvets and pillows in our assortment which fully meet the high requirements of the hospitality industry.

Why are our duvets better?

Because we pay special attention to the most important aspects already in the production phase, such as:

  • ease of use
  • high level of hygiene
  • optional filling weight
  • maximum comfort
  • durability

Choose the high quality duvets offered by Vend-Tex!

In recent years we have switched to washable bed linen instead of the tradition duvets, because they are hypoallergenic with no agglomeration in the filling.

Our bedding has stable shape and dimension even after washing. Bedding with synthetic filling can be washed at 40 °C or 60 °C or even 90 °C. Beddings can have any dimension according to the order. They not only withstand frequent washing or industrial cleaning but they also dry easily.

Duvet filling brochure

Besides washable bedding with synthetic fiber filling, we also deliver other fillings such as:

  • feather free down filling (min. 90% down content)
  • domestic down (min. 56% down content)
  • half-down(min. 28% down content)
  • pillow feathers (8 or 10 cm)
  • 100%wool filling.

We recommend you ask for a price quote in case you know our qualities and have a precise inquiry.

Why choose us?

A significant part of our products is our own design, only available at our company, in the quality, structure and colors shown in our offer. Our company’s philosophy is to offer everything to our partners necessary for furnishing a hotel or restaurant and settling events.

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