Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Since its foundation the VEND-TEX Ltd. has been committed to protect the environment as much as possible by our activities.

Considering also the economic aspects, our company is continually striving to reduce the load on the environment.

What efficient environmental protection means to us: full compliance with official regulations, and using a technology which minimizes the effects on the environment.

We regularly analyze the impact of our activities on the environment, we incorporate our experience in the environment protection system, and if necessary, we supervise the used technology as well.

Restaurant textiles
  • damask tablecloths, table covers, square tablecloths
  • damask napkins, table skirts
  • conference textiles, reception textiles, garden party textiles (beer benches, tables)
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Hotel room textiles
  • washable bed linen, duvets, cushions, pillows, blankets
  • damask, percale, canvas and other bed linen covers
  • flat sheets, fitted sheets, mattress protectors
  • terry products (towels, bath towels, bathmats, bathrobes, slippers)
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Decorative textiles
  • translucent white and coloured curtains
  • blackout and decorative curtains
  • bedspreads, bed runners, bed skirts
  • cushions
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  • chef’s uniform (chef coats, pants, aprons, hats, cloths)
  • cook’s, kitchen worker’s uniform (cook coats, cook pants, houndstooth pants,
  • hats, apron, scarf, jacket, shirt, etc.)
  • housemaid’s uniform (gown, long pants, fisherman pants, tunic, shirt, apron, scarf, etc.)
  • waiter’s uniform (waiter trousers, shirt, waistcoat, apron, tie, money pouch, T-shirts, etc.
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Other textiles
  • kitchen towels,
  • table top protection,
  • cloth etc.
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