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Our activities

We have been dealing with production and distribution of hospitaly textiles since 1993 offering comprehensive services in the field.

We furnish hotels, motels, public institutions and restaurants with textiles, always adapting to our clients’ needs. A significant part of our products are designed personally by us, so they are only available at our company, in the given quality, composition and pattern. Our company’s philosophy is to offer to its partners everything they might need in order to furnish a hotel and restaurant with textiles.

Restaurant textiles
  • damask tablecloths, table covers, square tablecloths
  • damask napkins, table skirts
  • conference textiles, reception textiles, garden party textiles (beer benches, tables)
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Hotel room textiles
  • washable bed linen, duvets, cushions, pillows, blankets
  • damask, percale, canvas and other bed linen covers
  • flat sheets, fitted sheets, mattress protectors
  • terry products (towels, bath towels, bathmats, bathrobes, slippers)
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Decorative textiles
  • translucent white and coloured curtains
  • blackout and decorative curtains
  • bedspreads, bed runners, bed skirts
  • cushions
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  • chef’s uniform (chef coats, pants, aprons, hats, cloths)
  • cook’s, kitchen worker’s uniform (cook coats, cook pants, houndstooth pants,
  • hats, apron, scarf, jacket, shirt, etc.)
  • housemaid’s uniform (gown, long pants, fisherman pants, tunic, shirt, apron, scarf, etc.)
  • waiter’s uniform (waiter trousers, shirt, waistcoat, apron, tie, money pouch, T-shirts, etc.
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Other textiles
  • kitchen towels,
  • table top protection,
  • cloth etc.
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Company history

We must go back in time to 1993, when VEND-TEX Trade and Services Company was founded by skilled professionals of the textile industry. In the beginning the activity was focused on home textile products manufacturing and trade.

Over the years, our company has moved its activities to a specific market segment, has specialized to textiles used in the hospitality industry, gaining step by step a serious reputation on the market.

In order to carry on the business, the VEND-TEX Ltd. was established in 1997 in Szentgotthárd having an already reputed name on the market. Our depots have been in Szentgotthárd and Budapest ever since. Our activity is comprehensive from planning to implementation. Our current Budapest office has been developed in 2000 from our own resources, and the Szentgotthárd depot in the spring of 2003.

The Szentgotthárd depot houses the company's central offices, a showroom a manufacturing plant and the warehouses as well. In Budapest we have a showroom and office where one can see the complete range of products in the same conditions as in Szentgotthárd.

We created the computerized conditions for the management information system, introduced a customer management system, the two sites were computationally interconnected. We have introduced the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system in August 2002 and have been running it ever since.

Throughout the functioning of our company we have been constantly striving to continually expand, develop the technical and technological background neccessary for the production and storage.

This is how we managed to materialize some technological developments (eg. embroidery machines, sample preparation machines, new sewing machines, etc) beyond the arranging of the two depots. The expansion of the depot in Szentgotthárd was realized from 2005 ECOP, the procurement of the embroidery machine from ECOP in 2006, while the acquisition of the sample preparation machines from 2007 EDOP funds.

Today, we have a national notoriety, our products are used in the hospitality industry with great satisfaction. The number of our regular buyers exceeds three thousand. The work is still done under direct control of the owners, managers.

Presentation of the Budapest office

Our company's current Budapest office was built with our own resources in 2000. Initially it was only a showroom with commercial functions. In 2001 we expanded it by building offices, where we fully managed to create the conditions for sales and management.

Since 2014, the depot has been also the company's headquarters, where the management is done. We currently operate a showroom here so that our partners can get to see the complete range of products, standard-sized textiles can also be purchased here immediately in small quantities. Marketing activities are also coordinated from here. Computationally, we use the same management system and customer management system in both our depots.

Our servers, databases can be accessed remotely. We have been working for nearly a year now to implement the SAP SBO corporate governance (ERP) system to our complex work processes. The implementation of the ERP system aims to serve our clients at a higher level and to increase the efficiency of our activities.

Presentation of the Szentgotthárd office

Our company developed its current depot in Szentgotthárd in 2003. We do the full process here from planning to implementation. The company's offices, a showroom, the manufacturing plant (tailoring, sewing, embroidery) and the warehouses were placed here. All our activities have been built in order to benefit from the great knowledge of the two owners in the field of texile industry.

We order the raw materials based on individual ideas from manufacturing companies, the weaving and finishing process provide a unique look for the textiles. The manufactured raw materials are kept in our warehouses so we can fulfill our clients’ specific orders within short deadlines. The manufacturing of a finished product is done fully in our own mills, like embroidery on linen, towels, tablecloths, table skirts, chair covers, curtains, etc. The orders are fulfilled and sent directly from this depot via GLS courier service as well as by our own car to the Budapest office or to a given address.

We have also created here the conditions of a computerized information system of which expansion and improvement will be continued. Our company is constantly striving to continually expand, develop the technical and technological background necessary for the production and storage.

Company information